Day of Surgery

Rules are in place at the surgery center in order to assure that we are able to provide you with the safest, most efficient and the highest quality medical care.

  • Arrive at the time you were instructed by the pre-op phone call nurse. Please make sure that you are prompt. This time is usually 2 hours prior to your surgery. If you are scheduled for surgery at 7:30 am you will only need to come in at 6am for adults and 6:30 am for minors.
  • Prior to going to surgery you will meet with the anesthesia team who will answer any questions you have.
  • Please bring your Insurance card/s, co-pays (cash, credit cards or check) for payment at the time of registration. You MUST also bring a PICTURE ID with you or we can not proceed with surgery.
  • Do not bring any valuables like watches, rings and earrings or money other than your co-pay amount. Please remove ALL piercings prior to surgery or you must be able to remove them prior to your procedure.
  • If you wear contacts please leave them at home. If you must bring them, bring your storage case. If you wear glasses please bring your glass case.
  • Please wear casual clothes. If you are having upper body surgery we suggest a button-down shirt. If you are having lower body surgery we suggest loose fitting pants such as sweat pants or shorts.
  • We ask that you limit your caregivers /¬† visitors to 2 due to limited space.
  • We highly encourage your caregiver / visitor to stay in the building so they may speak with the surgeon after surgery.
  • For your caregivers /¬† visitors¬† convenience we have vending machines and provide free Wi-Fi.
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