Patient Forms

In order to prepare you for your surgical experience at VBASC, we require all patients to review the following important information about our patient care policies and our owners, prior to your surgery.

Advanced Directives:

It is the intention of Virginia Beach Ambulatory Surgery Center to provide all patients with information about Advance Directives. Within the limits of best medical practice, provisions outlined in the patient’s Advance Directives will be honored.

Please review the attached information about Advanced Directives.

Patient Rights & Responsibilities: We at VBASC are committed to upholding the rights of our patients and to provide guidelines for staff to follow in the care of our patients. Please read the attached Patient Rights & Responsibilities

Grievance Policy and Procedure: While we strive to meet the needs and wishes of our patients, there are times when patients or families find it necessary to communicate concerns about the care they received.  It is important that you have the necessary contact information do so. Please read the attached information about the VBASC Grievance Policy.

Ownership of VBASC: VBASC is a Joint Venture partnership, owned by Sentara Health System and Ambulatory Surgery Associates,LLC. Your surgeon may be an owner of the center. Please read the attached Notice of Financial Interest

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