Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC’s) are facilities where surgeries are performed that do not require hospital admission after surgery. They provide patients with a cost effective, convenient environment that is less stressful than having surgery in a hospital. Due to advances in anesthesia and surgical techniques it is now possible to perform many less invasive, surgical procedures on an outpatient basis and avoid having to be admitted to a hospital. Therefore, we are able to provide you with a safe, efficient and comfortable surgical experience that enables you to be discharged to your home the same day, so you can recover in the comfort of familiar surroundings.

The Ambulatory Surgery Center Association reports a high rate of patient satisfaction among patients who have surgery in ASC’s. Reasons leading to the high satisfaction rate are: convenience in scheduling, more cost effective and less expensive care, lower infection rates, efficient processes and more convenient parking and location.

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