The surgeons at VBASC  are experienced in a wide variety of ambulatory surgical procedures such as these listed below.

  • Arthoplasty of lesser digits
  • Bunionectomy with osteotomy
  • Bunionectomy without osteotomy or implantation
  • Capsulotomy and tentotomy of digits
  • Capsulotomy of mid or rearfoot
  • Closed reduction of lesser digits
  • Closed reduction of metatarsal
  • Digital exostectomies
  • Digital fusion Excision, cutaneous lesions
  • Excision, foreign body (digit)
  • Excision, heel spur (plantar, posterior)
  • Excision, inter-metatarsal neuroma
  • Excision, nail matrix
  • Excision, osseous tumor digit and forefoot
  • Excision, osseous tumor rearfoot
  • Excision, soft tissue lesion (ganglion, lipoma)
  • Excision, soft tissue lesion from rearfoot (ganglion)
  • Fusion, metatarsal/tarsal
  • Open repair of fracture, forefoot
  • Open repair of fracture, rearfoot
  • Osteotomies, tarsal bones
  • Osteotomy of metatarsal (with or without fixation)
  • Osteotomy of phalanges (with or without fixation)
  • Pan-metatarsal head resection
  • Plantar condylectomy
  • Plantar fascia release
  • Removal of foreign body from forefoot
  • Removal of foreign body from rearfoot
  • Sesamoidectomy, tibial and fibular
  • Skin transfers/rotation flaps, donor and host sites in foot
  • Solitary metatarsal head resection
  • Syndactylism of toes
  • Tarsal coalition repair
  • Tarsal tunnel release
  • Tendo-Achilles lengthening
  • Tendon transfer or redirection in metatarsal area
  • Tendon transfer or redirection of digit
  • Tendon transfer or redirection of metatarsal bone, mid-tarsus, rearfoot
  • Triple arthodesis


Our Surgeons In This Specialty:

Atlantic Foot and Ankle

  • Dr. William Simon
  • Dr. Dawn Pfeiffer
  • Dr. Michael Rayno

Dr. David Cho

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