After Surgery FAQ

Can my family be with me after surgery?

After surgery, you will go to the Post Anesthesia Recovery Room, PACU Phase I. Here our registered nurses will monitor your recovery from anesthesia and surgery. After you are awake and are comfortable you will be moved to PACU Phase II where we will reunite you with your family and visitors.

How long will I stay after surgery?

There is no prescribed time to stay after surgery.  You will be discharged to home once you have satisfactorily recovered from anesthesia and it is safe to send you home. The average patient stays up to 2 hours after surgery but may be discharged in less time or may stay longer to assure full recovery.

What will happen if I am not well enough to go home?

Admissions to the hospital from an ambulatory surgery center are rare. If there is a medical reason to keep you overnight for additional care or observation you will be transferred to either Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital or the hospital that your surgeon requests.

May I drive home?

Patients who receive anesthesia should not drive a car until the day after surgery. Anyone who receives sedation must have a ride home. Occasionally, patients who have only local anesthesia   may be allowed by their surgeon to drive home. This must be determined by the surgeon prior to discharge.

What should I do if I am not feeling well at home?

If you experience any of the following please call your surgeon:

•    Unusual symptoms or changes in your condition you were not expecting
•    Pain that is not taken care of by your pain medications
•    Inability to hold to fluids down
•    Any fever higher then 100.5
•    Inability urinate and/or painful  urination
•    Or have any questions or concerns.

If you experience more serious problems call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

Should I continue my medications?

You will be given discharge instructions prior to leaving the surgery center, which will address what medications you should take, pain management, diet and activity.

How will my pain be managed?

Management of your pain is very important to us. We will be assessing your pain from the time you are admitted until you receive our postoperative call at home.  You will be asked to rate you pain from a numerical scale and you will be medicated accordingly to give you pain relief. We will make every effort to assure you are as comfortable as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please bring them to your anesthesiologist before surgery.

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